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If you’ve been charged with a crime, you don’t need some lawyer to tell you how stressful that can be. What you need is to decide who is going to go to court with you, who is going to fight for you, who is going to advise you, and who is going to tell you what’s really going on. At Grey & Eisenbraun Law, we focus exclusively on criminal defense. We’ve handled cases from DUI first, to first degree murder. And we’ve helped people all across the state of South Dakota. So if you’re facing criminal charges, we will fight for you.

We are Grey & Eisenbraun Prof. LLC, and we work hard to provide the very best legal defense available. So if you need a Rapid City criminal defense lawyer, we are ready to deal with any charges you face. But what if you need a? Sturgis lawyer? Or what if you’re accused of a crime somewhere else in the Black Hills area? Yes, if you’re facing charges anywhere in South Dakota, you can still call us for a free consultation! We will fight even the most challenging accusations.

Cases are won with hard work and tenacity, but we have that grit. We have the experience and resources to fight the best fight for you. And we regularly work with highly trained and recognized expert chemists, toxicologists, computer forensic techs, accountants, medical doctors and professional private investigators to make sure we do the best job for you.

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Ellery Grey is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer by the National Board or Legal Specialty Certification.

State Court

Geographically speaking, South Dakota is a large state and we are prepared to travel in order to handle your case....Read more »

Federal Court

If you are facing federal charges, you will need a lawyer who is admitted to practice law in the federal court where you are charged. The attorneys at Grey & Eisenbraun have the experience and the resources necessary to fight for you in federal court...Read more »

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Active Duty Military?

When it comes to representing our military men and women in civilian courts, we have helped everybody from high-ranking officers to Privates serving in combat zones overseas... Read more »

Pro Hac Vice

If you are looking for local counsel to aid you and your client in South Dakota we are able to assist you. Read more...
Ellery Grey -Criminal Attorney, Rapid City, SD
Ellery Grey
Paul Eisenbraun -Criminal Attorney, Rapid City, SD
Paul Eisenbraun

Although our Rapid City criminal defense lawyers welcome difficult and complex cases, we limit the number and type of cases we take in order to ensure that we have the time to keep your case a top priority.

We will handle your case as though everything depends upon it, because frequently in criminal court, it does.

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